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Stop losing your potential leads and convert them to customers while reducing cost of Live chat support and improve customer experience using Magento 2 Whatsapp Extension!

Magento CE, EE 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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Along with the growing eCommerce business, every merchant is looking for new ways to attract new customers to their online store and motivate them to shop more and more at the store. But everyone wants to receive customer personal communication. And in today's era, WhatsApp is a widely used medium that is now being used to establish even stronger relationships with customers at eCommerce stores.

Therefore, Webiators has now come up with a very attractive and effective way for Magento 2 stores with its WhatsApp extensions for Magento 2. With the help of which Magento store owners can succeed in building a strong relationship with the customers by providing customers with the benefit of a better and personalized service at their store.

Our Magento developers want to help you grow your store in every way and this WhatsApp extension has been created keeping all your troubles in mind. Magento store owners can enjoy many more with this WhatsApp combo given below.

Our Magento developers want to help you grow your store in every way and this WhatsApp extension has been created keeping all your troubles in mind. Magento store owners can enjoy many more with this WhatsApp combo given below.

Best communication tool

With the help of these Magento 2 WhatsApp extensions, you can use your WhatsApp as a tool that will allow your customers to contact or communicate with you directly. This helps you to add credibility to the business and build customer trust towards the brand. So that your store and your customers' trust towards you will increase even more.


Customize Communication

These WhatsApp extensions for Magento 2 enable you to create custom messages. Which can make it even easier for you to focus on your audience and convert leads into customers.

Effortless tracking

Using this effortless tracking functionality With this WhatsApp extension store owner can analyze tracking while the customer shares any product. the Google Analytics UTM Tracking System service provides the best opportunity to you for tracking the traffic coming to the store through the feedback of your customers.


Increase Product awareness

This WhatsApp extension can enable you to target your potential customers. Due to the number of WhatsApp users, it can help you in increasing your brand and product awareness. With this combo of WhatsApp extension, you can boost your business in every way as the WhatsApp Share extension provide the Share button on the Category and product page that allows the user to share the product with their family, friends and love ones. It also helps to increase customer experience on your Magento 2 Store. Not only this but when your customers share their product with their loved ones, then the trust of the people towards your product increases further. It makes you successful in generating a sense of awareness towards your product in the minds of customers. It makes you successful in creating a sense of alertness towards your product in the minds of customers. Through this, you can be able to increase product sales at your store.

Personlised communication

With this Whatsapp combo pack, you can get an attractive feature. With the help of which you can allow the user to interact with you directly. Our Live Chat on WhatsApp extension displays a WhatsApp chat button on every page of your store through which users can be able to communicate directly with the administrator. This contact on WhatsApp extension helps you to provide a great experience to the users at your store. Whenever a customer wants to buy a product from the online store, then he has many questions about the product, which he wishes to know soon, but many times the store owner is not able to answer all the questions of the customer immediately. However, WhatsApp chat is a function that can make the store owner successful in answering customers' questions immediately.


Increase conversions and encourage new purchase

Admins can encourage customers to make new purchases at their stores using the WhatsApp extension. Quotes on the WhatsApp extension of Webiators enable customers to interact with the administrator in person. Through the quote on the WhatsApp module, the customer can quote easily on the purchase of any product. This allows guests and logged-in customers to submit requests for quotation forms on product pages. This request quote extension allows the customer to deal with the administrator with a customs price. With the help of this WhatsApp quote extension, you can be completely successful in dropping leads at your store and increasing the conversion rate.

With the abundance of technology, businesses want to invest in the best user experience for their customers. And instant messaging is one of those ways to enhance user experience. If we focus on user experience than having the right platform is an important factor.  And we all are aware that WhatsApp is one of the most used platforms for communication.  It helps the customer to gather basic information from the store owner and describe what they want.

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Version 1.0.4

3 November 2021

  • Fix - Minor Bug Fixes
  • New - Added Compatibility with Magento 2.4.3

Version 1.0.3

13 September 2021

  • New - Added Product Name Label for product, category and order success page to Quote On Whatsapp
  • New - Added Product Url Label for product, category and order success page Quote On Whatsapp
  • New - Added Enable/Disable Field for product page to Share On Whatsapp
  • New - Added Enable/Disable Field for category page to Share On Whatsapp

Version 1.0.2

10 May 2021

  • New - Option to change the Position of Share Button for Product Page
  • New - Option to select the Effect of Share Button for Product Page
  • New - Quote On whatsapp button on Cart Page
  • New - Option to change the Position of Quote Button for Product and Cart Page
  • New - integrated the bit.ly link management tool that generate short URL to share on Whatsapp
  • New - the Text Bubble With Whatsapp Icon
  • New - Option to change the Position of Whatsapp Icon
  • New - the option to set the width of the text bubble
  • New - option to select the Color of Whatsapp Text Bubble.
  • New - option to select the Background Color for Whatsapp Text Bubble

Version 1.0.1

15 April 2021

  • Fix - we resolved styles issues with share WhatsApp button
  • Fix - we fixed issue with price currency in share message

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Magento is one of the best online e-commerce platforms built on open source technology to launch your online store. It provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the look, content, and functionality of their online store. Magento also offers effective marketing, high-performance SEO and store management tools.

Why Choose Magento Platform?

Magento is highly scalable because it can support all kinds of businesses from very small to giant enterprises. It is the big reason to choose the Magento platform.

What Does a Magento Developer Do?

Magento developers Play an Important Role in improving, building, and supporting the Magento eCommerce store. Magento developers can be divided into two main categories first is Front end developer who determines the structure and design of web pages for all devices. And Second is the backend developer who is responsible for server-side web application logic and integration of the work front-end web developers do.

Will I get free support and updates?

Yes, once you buy any extension(s) by Webiators, you’ll get free lifetime updates for the product(s). Each purchased extension includes 3 months of free support by default.

Can I request a free trial?

Webiators doesn’t provide any trials of Magento extensions. But we have three months of free support and a 60-day money-back guarantee. There's one exception: Webiators extensions are provided for testing or demo purposes to our official Platinum Partners as a part of the “access to Webiators extensions for testing purposes with Composer” benefit. Instead of a free trial, most of our Magento extensions have demos where you can see how our modules work. If you buy an extension and it doesn’t suit you in any way, you can request a refund with no risks on your side. Also, we’ll be happy to help you with any custom development for your business needs.

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According to the rules of Webiators's Reward Program, you get $15 back to your store credit per every $100 spent. You can spend it to buy other extensions from our catalog, order installation service or extend support. These Points are valid for 60 days from the purchase date. You can check your balance in your personal account in the Rewards & Credit tab. One more option for you is to subscribe to our newsletter to receive news about all special promotions we can provide you with.

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